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Hot Tub Disposal Options. As we’ve implied here, hot tub disposal is a very labor intensive process that is probably not a DIY project. But, even if you tackle it on your and you have the hot tub completely dismantled, you need to consider how and where you’re going to dispose of all the parts. Face it – that tub is not going to fit in your Prius.

Hot Tub Disposal Tips | Hot Tub Suppliers | Spa Removal – Hot Tub Disposal Made Simple. Whilst awaiting the arrival of your new, clean hot tub, one task which does not seem to leave your mind is the painstaking ordeal of disposing of your previous hot tub which is now old and outdated. There are many ways in which you can dispose of your hot tub without paying top dollar, Here are some facts.

If the hot tub still works or just needs a minor repair, a homeowner might consider disposing of it through the Freecycle network. More than 5,200 Freecycle groups are available throughout the.

However, with hot tub removal, we won’t be able to donate the item, but we will be able to recycle some of the components. Regarding price, we have a flat fee for Hot Tub Removal services that range from $250-$400 dependent upon the size of the hot tub and complexities involved within the removal. Since this is a flat fee item, coupons cannot.

The 38-year-old star spent the day with the other celebrities and it ended with a party in the hot tub where Willie Carson accidentally touched him where he shouldn’t. ‘I didn’t expect at the end of.

How to get rid of that old sad hot tub Trade it in. If you are planning to replace your old hot tub then a great option may be to trade it in. Many dealers will work with you on pricing if you trade in your old model. The upside for the dealers is they can fix it up and turn around and sell it to someone else.

Now your tub should be stripped down to only the framing and bed. Inspect the framing for any screw or nails. These can be removed by using a screwdriver or hammer. Check for any other pieces that are connected through grooves and easily removable. After these parts have been taken out, you should be dealing with the whole of the hot tub.

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