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Hot tub folliculitis how to get rid of

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 · hot tub folliculitis – as the name suggests, this tends to affect people who use hot tubs a lot. The hot water encourages germs (bacteria) called Pseudomonas spp. to grow (particularly if there is not enough chlorine in the water to keep it clean). Bathing in this ‘soup’ of bacteria can increase your risk of folliculitis.

There are several different types of folliculitis, but a common type is called “hot tub” folliculitis, or pseudomonas folliculitis. The rash of hot tub folliculitis consists of several small .5 – 3 cm red papules or wheals with a central pustule. The rash can erupt anywhere on the body that has been in contact with the contaminated water.

hot tub rash Symptoms. The symptoms and signs of hot tub rash can vary depending on the kind of contagion. Superficial folliculitis, including kinds that distress the upper areas of the hair follicle, can cause: Red, small bumps in clusters that develop around hair follicles; Blisters that are pus-filled that rupture open and then crust over

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Folliculitis, Furuncles, and Carbuncles in Children – What causes folliculitis, furuncles, and carbuncles in a child?. or insect bites; Is getting IV medicine; Has been in hot tub or spa water that is not properly treated.

In case of recurring hot tub folliculitis you may be suggested to use topical solution in long term. Sometimes some cases of bacteria caused hot tub folliculitis may not respond to the treatment. In such a case, the doctor may change the treatment regimen and use other medicine. Hot tub rash pictures

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Hot tub folliculitis can present as red spots and pustules on the trunk and is due to an infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa from improperly sanitised hot tubs .

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